Javier Jaén Studio
The New York Times
What Times Readers Would Change About Their Doctors’ Offices. These small tweaks could go a long way toward improving patients’ overall experience. Text by Jancee Dunn. Art Direction by Sarah Williamson.
Collaborator: Ricardo Rey
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Berliner Zeitung
Struggling for Peace. One year of war in Ukraine and no end in sight. What can help: more weapons, less weapons – or none at all? AD: Uros Pajovic
Rethinking Plastic. Cheap New Plastic Is Choking the World. ‘It’s a Recipe for Disaster.’ Text by Lauren Foster. AD Lynne Carty.

Collaborator: Lucas Doerre
The New York Times
Many Personal Care Products Contain Harmful Chemicals. Here’s What to Do About It. Take these small steps to lower your exposure. Text by Knvul Sheikh. Ad Deanna Donegan

Collaborator Ricardo Rey