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Environment, technology, love, sex, diversity, art, literature, religion, science, gastronomy, health, sport, wild capitalism, social movements, economy, terrorism, war, politics, justice, archeology, virus, music, theatre, fashion, wine and some graphic design.

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This monograph is a first-person exploration, both in English and Spanish, of the many paths that have led Jaén to working with such a diverse client list. From the varied career paths he explored before alighting on graphic design, to the lessons learned in setting up his own studio, Jaén provides an insightful and witty commentary on the experience of working in the creative field today. The book provides an honest, generous and often amusing account of someone operating at the cusp of current events.
It has been lavishly illustrated with hundreds of colour images to help showcase the depth and variety inherent within Jaén’s output and comes with a free concertina-folded sticker sheet featuring many of the artist’s iconic designs.

Published by

Thames & Hudson

Jon Dowling 
Céline Leterme
Javier Jaén

2020, Dimensional, Personal, Gif, Books, Selected